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Grant Process and Application

This habitat restoration application is appropriate only for four of the ten Programs in the WCB:

  • Riparian Habitat Conservation
  • Inland Wetlands Conservation
  • Ecosystem Restoration on Agricultural Lands
  • Habitat Enhancement and Restoration

The Public Access application is separate and distinct.

Prospective applicants for all habitat restoration or public access development projects should discuss their projects with WCB staff prior to completing or submitting an application. WCB staff will assist in determining whether or not an application should be submitted and will help in developing project features. Please contact the Program Manager for the appropriate WCB Restoration or Public Access Program, or Elizabeth Hubert, Restoration and Development Supervisor.

For information on applying for funding for any of the remaining programs, go to the WCB Programs page or contact John Walsh, Supervising Land Agent.

Who May Apply

For projects to restore and enhance wildlife habitats, the WCB is authorized to award grants to nonprofit organizations [501(c)(3)], local governmental agencies, State departments and federal agencies. For Public Access projects, grants and Local Assistance awards are available to federal, state, counties, cities, non-profit organizations or public districts and corporations that manage and operate wildlife-oriented public access properties or programs.

When to Apply

WCB meets four times a year, typically in February, May, August and November. Processing time for applications can vary depending on completeness of the application, project benefits, and funding availability. Allow a minimum of six months from submittal of application to project approval.

WCB accepts proposals on a continuous basis, and will notify applicants about whether or not the proposal is acceptable or complete. All proposals will be evaluated with assistance from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. If a proposed project is accepted, and funding is available, a grant agreement or contract will be prepared for the applicant, and the proposal will be scheduled for consideration at a future WCB meeting.

Number of Copies

Once the project is ready for submission, submit one hard copy of the completed application form, including all attachments. Please include a CD that contains your application (or email the completed application directly to the WCB Project Manager) saved as a Microsoft Word document. Include the budget as a spreadsheet, preferably in Excel. Include in the application any digital photos and maps (photos should be saved as .jpg files; maps should be saved as .pdf or .jpg files). Please note: all information that you submit is subject to the unqualified and unconditional right of the WCB to use, reproduce, publish, or display, free of charge. Please indicate if crediting is requested for any of the photos and/or maps.

Applications should be sent to:
John P. Donnelly, Executive Director
Wildlife Conservation Board
1416 9th Street, Room 1266
Sacramento, California 95814

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