Monday, October 15, 2018

Remaining Fund Balances

Section 5096.650(a) - Threatened Species, Wildlife corridors & Landscapes, Public Access, Land Management Planning

Appropriations $300,000,000
Allocations and Awards $211,000,000
Remaining  Balance $89,000,000

The WCB has also received and is currently evaluating a substantial number of new projects to be funded with the remainder of these funds. The WCB will continue to accept and consider new project proposals until all funds are exhausted.

Section 5096.650(f) - Rangelands, Grazing and Grasslands

Appropriations $19,800,000
Allocations and Awards $19,800,000
Remaining  Balance $0

Section 5096.650(f) - Oak woodlands

Appropriations $4,800,000
Allocations and Awards $4,800,000
Remaining Balance $0
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