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Proposition 50 Funds

Water Code Sections and Description of Funding Uses

Proposition 50 funding provided to the WCB targets certain habitat types, species, and programs, along with certain regions within the State. A list and description of these are provided below, along with Water Code Section reference.

Water code Chapter 8, section 79565, integrated regional water management

$140,000,000 continuously appropriated for expenditure by the Board and for grants for acquisition from willing sellers, including conservation easements, to protect regional water quality, protect and enhance fish and wildlife habitat, and to assist local public agencies in improving regional water supply reliability.

Under SB 71, Chaptered in 2005, $8,500,000 from this section was designated for transfer or direct expenditure for acquisition, grants, or other activities that directly related to the Salton Sea and its transboundary watersheds.

Water code Chapter 9 colorado river, section 79568 (a)

$50,000,000 for the acquisition, protection, and restoration of land and water resources necessary to meet state obligations for regulatory requirements related to California's allocation of water supplies from the Colorado River. Funds cannot be used for regulatory mitigation obligations of private parties and are appropriated by the legislature.

Water code chapter 10, coastal watershed and wetland protection, section 79572(a)(1)(2), (b), (c)

$750,000,000 for the acquisition, protection and restoration of coastal wetlands, upland areas adjacent to coastal wetlands, and coastal watersheds, in or adjacent to urban areas.

Section 79572 (a)(1)

For the acquisition, protection and restoration of coastal wetlands identified in the Southern California Coastal Wetlands Inventory, developed by the State Coastal Conservancy, located within the coastal zone, and other such wetlands connected and proximate to coastal wetlands and upland areas adjacent and proximate to such coastal wetlands, or coastal wetlands identified in the San Francisco Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Report, and upland areas adjacent to identified wetlands.

Section 79572 (a) (2) Southern California Coastal Counties

For the acquisition, protection and restoration of coastal watershed and adjacent lands located in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties. Projects within Santa Monica Mountains Zone or Baldwin Hills area shall be funded via grants to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy or the Baldwin Hills Conservancy.

Section 79572 (b) Los Angels and Ventura County

A minimum of $300,000,000 of the $750 million shall be expended within Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Priority shall be given to acquisition of 100 acres of upland mesa areas, including wetlands, adjacent to the Bolsa Chica wetlands in Orange County.

section 79572 (c) San Francisco Bay Area

No more than $200,000,000 of the $750 million may be expended for projects in the San Francisco Bay area and may be expended via a grant to the State Coastal Conservancy.

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