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California Riparian Habitat Conservation Program

Program History

The California Riparian Habitat Conservation Program (CRHCP) was created within the Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) by legislation in 1991. The program has a basic mission to develop coordinated conservation efforts aimed at protecting and restoring the state's riparian ecosystems.

In recognition of major losses and degradation of California's riparian habitat and in an effort to reverse this trend to the extent possible, many conservation organizations, state and federal agencies, and local governments are actively developing programs to protect and restore these valuable ecosystems.

The legislation which enabled the CRHCP also recognized that the responsibility for protecting and restoring riparian habitat must be shared by all state agencies whose activities impact riparian habitat. The CRHCP was created to be a cooperative effort involving state and federal agencies, local government, nonprofit conservation groups, private landowners, and concerned citizens. Flexibility is the keyword for the program to ensure that all available approaches and solutions are explored.

The WCB Program Manager coordinates with several statewide and regional conservation programs and initiatives, including the California Riparian Habitat Joint Venture, whose mission is to provide leadership and guidance to promote the effective conservation and restoration of riparian habitats in California.

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