Monday, October 15, 2018
waterfowl flying at Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Inland Wetlands Conservation Program

Project Criteria

All IWCP projects must lie within the CVJV boundary and satisfy one or more of the following eight specific objectives identified in the CVJV Implementation Plan:

  1. Protect all remaining unprotected wetlands in perpetuity.
  2. Restore and protect 108,527 acres of seasonal wetlands.
  3. Restore and protect 12,500 acres of semi-permanent wetlands.
  4. Enhance 23,884 acres of seasonal wetlands each year.
  5. Restore and protect 10,000 acres of riparian habitat over the next five years.
  6. Enhance 307,000 acres of wildlife friendly agriculture.
  7. Protect wildlife friendly agricultural lands through conservation easements in the American, Butte, Sutter, San Joaquin and Delta Basins.
  8. Protect agricultural lands through conservation easements in the American, Butte, Sutter, Delta and San Joaquin Basins to buffer existing wetlands from urban and residential development.

In addition, all restoration or enhancement projects must meet all of the following:

  • All wetland projects must have sufficient water to maintain wetland values;
  • Grantee and/or landowner must provide a contribution either cash or in kind services, for all restoration projects on private lands;
  • Grantee or landowner must manage and maintain wetlands in perpetuity for easements and for 25 years for all projects on privately-owned properties;
  • Grantee must obtain all required environmental permits.
  • Partnerships are encouraged in the construction, operation and maintenance of projects.


WCB accepts applications on a continuous basis for habitat restoration projects.

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