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waterfowl flying at Gray Lodge Wildlife Area

Inland Wetlands Conservation Program

Project Examples

The WCB, through the IWCP, can acquire property or property rights or restore and enhance wetlands and related habitats. The following list, while incomplete, help describe these project types in more detail.

Acquisition Projects

All acquisitions are done in conjunction with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), with CDFW recommending priorities for proposed acquisitions. For more information, see the WCBLand Acquisition Program. The IWCP has authority for any of the following:

  • Fee Simple acquisitions
  • Acquisition of perpetual conservation easements to protect privately owned wetlands, wildlife-friendly agricultural lands or open space to buffer existing wetlands from urban or residential development
  • Long-term acquisition of water for wetlands
  • Leases from landowners for specified period

Restoration and Enhancement Projects

The IWCP is authorized to restore and enhance wetlands and other waterfowl habitats through the following and other methods:

  • Restore wetland habitat: construct levees, swales and islands; develop water conveyance and drainage systems; install water control structures; establish upland grasslands; and plant desirable vegetation.
  • Develop waterfowl friendly agricultural practices: fence upland grasslands and riparian habitats, encourage wildlife friendly grazing practices, and promote winter flooding of croplands.
  • Develop infrastructure to provide water to wetlands or wildlife friendly agricultural lands: build water delivery systems, develop new groundwater sources, and provide fish-friendly water diversions for wetlands.

Recently completed projects include the following habitat restoration projects: Tulare Basin Wetland Enhancement, Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Firemen's Unit Wetland Enhancement, Rancho Rio Chico Wetland Enhancement; and the following acquisitions: North Grasslands Wildlife Area, Gadwall Unit and the Bird Haven Ranch Conservation Easement.


WCB accepts applications on a continuous basis for habitat restoration projects.

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