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Wildlife Conservation Monitoring Program

Conservation Easement Monitoring

The WCB requires monitoring reports on all grant funded conservation easements. These projects must be supported by a Baseline Conditions Report, along with development of monitoring protocols to guide future monitoring and reporting. The Baseline Conditions Report is signed and certified by the Landowner and Grantee, and represents an accurate description and representation of the protected property, its resources and conservation values at the close of escrow. Any future changes in the condition of the property are measured against the information in this report. The easement holder is required to monitor the property annually and provide a written report to WCB describing and assessing the condition of the Easement Area and condition of the conservation values. The monitoring report must comply with the conditions agreed to under the approved monitoring protocols. In addition the WCB has the right to access the property no less than once in any period of three calendar years, to assess compliance with the terms, covenants, and conditions of the Grant Agreement between the WCB and the easement holder.

Baseline Condition Reports and Annual Monitoring Reports should be sent to:

Fee Acquisition, Development and Habitat Restoration Project Monitoring

Although there are normally no formal long-term monitoring report requirements under WCB grant funded fee acquisitions, development and habitat restoration projects, within these grants the WCB can reserve the right for staff to access and monitor projects for continued compliance with the terms of the grant. For development and restoration projects this would be through the term of the management plan provided in the grant, normally running 25 years. For fee acquisitions this right would be in perpetuity.

Contact Program Manager

Chad Fien, Conservation Lands Manager
California Wildlife Conservation Board
Post Office Box 944209
Sacramento, CA 94244-2090
(916) 323-8979

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