Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Public Access Development Program


The Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) carries out a program to improve public access to hunting, fishing, or other wildlife-oriented recreation throughout California. Financial assistance is available to State and federal agencies, cities, counties and public districts or corporations for development of public access facilities such as fishing piers or floats, access roads, boat launching ramps, trails, boardwalks, interpretive facilities, and lake or stream improvements. Support facilities such as restrooms and parking areas are also eligible for funding under this program.

Under the Wildlife Conservation Law of 1947, it is required that the State have a proprietary interest in the land or water on which the improvements are made. Prior to approval of a project by the WCB, either a Notice of Unrecorded Grant Agreement or a lease agreement may be required between the local agency and the State to secure a proprietary interest in the project site and ensure the long-term management and maintenance of the improvements. In almost all cases this will be for a period of at least 25 years. In some cases federal funds may also be used, and under these circumstances, a perpetual interest may be required.

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