Monday, October 15, 2018

Proposition 1 - Stream Flow Enhancement Program

Project Examples

Examples of project types (should not be viewed as exhaustive lists of eligible project types):

  • Water Transactions (e.g., changes to a stream’s hydrograph through lease, transfer, or seasonal exchange of water)
  • Acquisition of water from willing sellers – permanent and long-term (not less than 20 years) dedications for the purpose of instream flow
  • Habitat restoration projects (e.g., weed eradication, wet meadow restoration, restoration of entrenched streams, upper watershed restoration or forest thinning) that reshape stream hydrograph
  • Planning studies requiring CEQA compliance, permitting, and engineering for specific projects
  • Studies to evaluate instream flow needs, identify priority streams and watersheds, or evaluate habitat suitability and temperature needs
  • Water efficiency generally – Irrigation efficiency and water infrastructure improvements (e.g., diversion, conveyance, and on-farm projects) that save water and enable reshaping of the stream hydrograph
  • Reconnecting flood flows with restored flood plains
  • Capital outlay that allow reservoir operations both at existing and new storage sites



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